From the rolling fields of Tuscany, to the eternal hills of Rome, and the sparkling Amalfi coast to the ruins of Sicily, Italy is a land of drama, magic, history and passion. The country enjoys an age-old tradition of hospitality and its people are united by a mutual love of food, celebrated in homes, streets and restaurants countrywide. To know Italian cuisine is to know the very spirit of Italy. Enter The Artisan, a stunning restaurant located in the luxurious Waldorf Astoria DIFC, igniting a spark of Italian inspiration and passion for heartfelt service in the modern metropolis of Dubai.

The Artisan tells the story of Italy through its most beloved dishes. Disavowing superficial trends, the food exudes elegance – it pairs Italian culinary prestige with the finest ingredients. The result is a menu that takes its cues from across the breadth of Italy, all the way to its beating heart. Although anchored in Old World charm, each dish has been reimagined for the contemporary cosmopolitan palate.

The restaurant only sources from the finest suppliers, with Parmigiano Reggiano from Emilia Romagna, Olive Oil from the idyllic Toscana and Tartufo from Piemonte.

With a commitment to craftsmanship, the kitchen also makes all its pasta fresh. For a truly soul-stirring experience, pizzas are fermented for 72 hours, and dressed in a smattering of delectable ingredients to perfection.

Just as delicious as the food, is the décor, which exudes both classic elegance and comfortable modernity, with a subtle nod to neoclassicism. Marble floors are tempered with cool, blond wood fixtures, while walls are transformed with sculptural ribbed glass. Cream upholstered chairs are joined by plush sofas in green and ruby red, adding a restrained-but-regal pop of colour. The sweeping marble and brass bar anchors the space, serving up an exquisite drinks menu, studded with fresh juices, steaming coffees, international wines and classic cocktails.

The Artisan is a whirlwind of the most immaculate tastes, textures and cooking styles, gleaned from across the Italian Peninsula. It is a celebration of the unique sense of warmth, belonging and love that only the finest Italian fare can conjure. Every mouthful evokes images of pastoral perfection, architectural beauty, a heritage of majesty and the unmistakable charm that so acutely define the Italian spirit; a taste of Italy’s past, present and future – all rolled into one.